Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saving Money By Growing Your Own: Stevia

We see it all the time- sweeteners that aren't sugar.  Somehow white sugar has become bad for us over the past few decades.  I don't buy into that malarky, (I'll post my opinion of that at a later date) but there are tons of people out there buying this:
and these...

when in truth, no matter where you live, it's possible to grow and process your own version of these sweeteners for way cheaper; even after your coupons!!

Growing your own, you can guarantee that it's 100% real stevia, not some chemically enhanced concoction that the big companies want you to believe it better for you.

Want to learn more?? Check out the post about making your own syrup (and growing Stevia) over at Making Our Sustainable Life here.

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