Saturday, January 12, 2013

Freezer Cooking: Freezer Grilled Cheese!!

If you all are like me, then you were all over the free Healthy Living bread at Kroger this week.  I honestly wish I had gotten more coupons for this sale, but my paper budget is limited lately.

I have a bad habit of not using a lot of bread.  I know, and I really hate throwing out good bread to the compost pile.  True, my garden loves it, but to me it's like shredded up paper money and taking it out to the compost bin!!  *Pulling out hair*

So, with the free bread sitting in my pantry, I'm coming up with ways to use it up without letting it go to waste.

So I brainstormed.

And brainstormed..

And had my "Eureka!" moment.

Remember all those Kraft Singles we got a while back? Yep, I still have some in my freezer.
So I popped them out to thaw for a day and then got to work.  :)

Grilled cheese for in the freezer!!

Just make your grilled cheese like you would any other time, but lay them out on a cooling rack.  Once they are cooled, wrap them individually in plastic wrap or foil.  Then pop them all into a gallon or two gallon size baggie.  Voila!

When you or someone in the family wants grilled cheese, pull them out of the wrap, place them on a microwave safe plate, and zap them for about 30 seconds.  (The times will vary based on your microwave.  I have two microwaves and one takes 30 seconds; the other takes about 40.)

Easy as pie and makes a simple dinner with some tomato soup!!

Try this out for yourself and let me know how it goes!  I'd love to hear your thoughts or your ideas for other things to make and freeze using up the free bread we all got!!

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