Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free E-book!! Home Vegetable Gardening: A Complete and Practical Guide...

For those who understand the significance of home-grown foods to surviving and thriving in difficult times, F. F. Rockwell's no-nonsense Home Vegetable Gardening: A Complete And Practical Guide To The Planting And Care Of All Vegetables, Fruits And Berries Worth Growing For Home Use, may be the best single volume, practical manual of family-feeding, high-yield home gardening ever compiled. 

With this said, saving money starts at home.  In my opinion, taking the time in the summer to garden is much more productive than couponing.  I only say this because I'm a vegetable lover, and I can't get enough of the fresh stuff!  Also, I have a very sensitive pallet, and every time I buy store-bought sauces, I have to take the time to doctor them to my taste.  It's just simpler for me to make my own from my own veggies and can it.  No doctoring needed!!

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