Sunday, August 26, 2012

Printable Luden's Coupon Deals + Getting Organized For Fall

Ludens Cough Drop Coupons
Don't miss out on the printable Luden's coupon!!  These are priced at $1.49 at Walmart, so after coupon makes it only $0.99!!  
Or you can run to your local Dollar Tree and see if they carry these.  If so, they will be only $0.50 after coupon, which is a great stock up price.
Remember, summer is coming to a close!
Check your supply of cough & cold products for the upcoming "Flu Season".  There should be some great deals on these products coming soon.  Pull out your stash, check expiration dates, and make sure you make note of what you will be needing before your family starts getting sick.  It's so much better to have things on hand than to have to run out and get something for full price when you need it.

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