Friday, August 24, 2012 REVEALED!!

Ok, so I wanted to share something that I accidentally found out about today.

Anyone who knows me knows that my Computer & Network Administrator is also my hubby!  :D  (Yeah, I'm lucky like that!)

So, I have a wireless printer which has been going haywire and hating our router with a passion lately.  Today I tried printing off the Kraft coupons and FAILED!!  And, we all know that once you hit that print button, whether it actually comes out on the other end or not, KNOWS that you tried.

(It's uncannily like our parents while we were in high school trying to sneak and do anything.... somehow they just KNEW, and it was seriously creepy sometimes.)

Onto the REVEAL.... DOES NOT MEET acceptable software standards!!!


In other words,, when you hit that button to let it install and print on your computer, does not act like other standardized software.  Oh, contraire!!  It acts like SPYWARE!! infects the actual REGISTRY of your computer, logging into your hard drive the unique number of your computer, when you install, how often you use it, and of course, whether you hit that "don't look back now" Print button.

Even down the line if you decide to stop couponing, these little bits of code will stay with your computer and do their little things.  

It's insane how far people go to keep us couponer's LEGIT.  

How about we all just do it right and stop using the wrong coupon for the wrong item and trying to cheat the system??  I've seen it on soooo many blogs, and really, I hope some of these who BLATANTLY post misinformation or who tell the world via blog that they are THEIVES are found and made examples of.

Enough of that for now....
Just wanted you all to have the same information as I just got. :)

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