Thursday, December 20, 2012

Upcoming Giveaway: Your Opinion Is Valued!!

I'm taking some time to ask you all if you would be interested in a coupon giveaway.
I would love to be able to reward you all for visiting my blog and helping me grow it each and every day. :)

The other option for a giveaway would be for a Scentsy Celtic Knot Warmer plus 2 bars of Scentsy wax melts.  Not only am I a Scentsy consultant, but I use ONLY Scentsy in my home.  I have tried all other warmers, candles, plug-in's, room spray, etc. and I will never go back to any of them now that I have my Scentsy warmers. :)

If you would take a few minutes to give me your opinion on what to give away, I would be truly grateful for your input!

Just comment on this post, either here on the blog or on my Facebook page, and I will get the ball rolling for you all. :)

Comment stating which giveaway you like more, or if you can't decide, just say "Both!"

Thank you in advance!!

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