Saturday, December 8, 2012

FREE Personalized Photo Gifts!! Exp. 12/12/12 

If you have never used, I just want to let you know YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!
I have used them for photo books, prints and more... and I must say that the quality is wonderful!!
Now thru 12/12/12, they are having a Christmas giveaway with TONS of free personalized products!
Just set up an account here, go to the Credit & Discount tab on the left, enter code XMASTGIFT2012 and you will get coupons for all of the FREE products added to your account. :)
This includes:
Dog Tags
Framed Tile
Money Clip
Measuring Tape
Car Window Sign
Rectangle Keychain
Heart Keychain
Round Keychain
Flip Top Lighter
Italian Charm Watch
Recycling/Shopping Bag
Sport Metal Watch
Download Silverlight to your computer and start creating all of your FREE personalized products!!  You have 30 days to create and order these, so there's no rush really.  Start getting ready for 2013 gifts now!!

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