Friday, November 9, 2012

15% OFF Any Apron Purchase at

Aprons... they did NOT go out of style in the 1950's!!

I'm an apron fanatic... but then again I'm one of the few people in the world who wishes that we could return to the 1950's.  No, I'm not wanting to be oppressed by my husband or have to deal with any of the Mad Men drama, but truly, they were much simpler times, more economically secure- a time when women could choose to stay home and raise their family and the salary of her husband COULD support them comfortably!

But I digress... (getting off my soapbox now LOL)

Flirty Aprons
Through the end of November, at Flirty Aprons you can save 15% off any purchase with code holiday15
They have options for Kids, Women and Men!  Just look at how CUTE some of these are!!  How great of a gift would this make for the cook or baker in YOUR family??

Head over to Flirty Aprons here

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