Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Ideas: My Fave Halloween Pins this Week 10/29/12

This is a few of my favorite Halloween pins that I have found this week.  They are both crafty & frugal in that you can reuse some items that you probably already have!
First up, some VERY cute pumpkin carving templates that you can print for FREE!!
Just print, grab your pumpkins and go to town!

Next, some adorable little labels for Tic Tac containers!!  These are absolutely adorable, and a great idea for your little one's classroom parties or your church's activities.  Or, if you are hosting or attending a Halloween party, these would make some great favors!

I absolutely ADORE this idea!! I always am looking for new ways to reuse bottles, and this one adds in reusing the 6 pack container that they come in!! I personally would recommend using Bacardi or other clear bottles in order to showcase the contents of the bottles. But this is absolutely awesome!!

Source: theidearoom.net via Amy on Pinterest

Oooh!! I love this one!! How much fun would it be to set out a plate of these for your Halloween guests & parties?? I can just see how the little one's faces would light up at cookies that look like witches hats!!

This has to be the absolutely quickest and easiest way that I have seen to carve your pumpkins. Why I really love this idea? Trick or Treat is tomorrow night, and you may have had your pumpkins carved and outside for a while now. If they are starting to look rotted or just not up to par, then this idea is a quick way to replace those pumpkins that you may not be so proud of with new ones!!

I hope these ideas give you some great ideas for your Halloween activities!

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