Sunday, September 16, 2012

*NEW* Walgreen's Balance Rewards Program

NEW Balance Rewards:
Starting 9/16 Walgreens is rolling out their new Balance Rewards program. You will now need to sign up for a Balance Rewards card to get sale prices. Signing up for a Balance Rewards card also gives you points back to use as cash on your next purchase. You can earn $5-$50!
 These are unlike Register Rewards as they do not “Roll” 
Example: You earn $10 in points from a previous purchase. 
You go to the store later that week to use those $10 in points, but if you buy anything that also earns points, you will not get those points.  
So, you’re making a full purchase every other time you shop and use points. 
I still see opportunity for good deals. 
You can see more on the new Balance Rewards from Walgreens here.

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