Saturday, September 15, 2012

Food Facts: An Editorial

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 Food Facts: 
Things About Our Food That We Should Be More Aware Of

Fact: Antibiotics are used on conventional farms to make animals grow faster. And emerging research suggests antibiotics could be making us fatter, too, disrupting the natural balance of beneficial gut bacteria. "For many years now, farmers have known that antibiotics are great at producing heavier cows for market," explains Jan Blustein, MD, PhD, professor of population health and medicine at NYU School of Medicine. "While we need more research to confirm our findings, this carefully conducted study suggests that antibiotics influence weight gain in humans, especially children, too."
Shopping tip: Organic bans the use of antibiotics in farming. Choose organic at the supermarket to avoid antibiotic residues, or search for a small local farmer who nixes the routine use of antibiotics.

*Rodale: 9 Appalling Meat Facts You Need to Know*

Each day, we jump on our computers to look at the best deals and the most savings that we can make for our family.  But, something that I  rarely see discussed is the topic of the comparison of savings we make in our budget vs. the cost we cause ourselves in medical expenses due to the food we consume.

I claim to be a health conscious person, however, I also am a sucker for a bargain.  I rush to the store for cheap chips, soda, candy and cookies.  While I eat a minimal amount, I stop to reflect now on the fact that I am enabling some severe un-healthy eating to occur under my not-so-watchful eye.

My hubby would kill me to know that I'm discussing the topic of his weight on here, but I'm bringing this up not to slander him, but rather to show an example which I have first hand knowledge of.  

My husband has Crohne's Disease, and watching what he puts into his body is supposed to be a big deal.  However, his lack of excercise coupled with the junk that I feed him (all because it was FREE or cheap) has caused a massive weight gain and other health issues which he REFUSES to believe are caused by the food he consumes.  I, however, know that if he would just stop eating this junk, he would not only lose weight, but would feel better, have more energy, and may not need to cost us as much money both in medical costs and lost work time & wages.

Simply put, if I can get him to change his eating habits into what I know is better (and how I eat most of the time), while it would cost more, may actually save us more money in the long run than the amount I save in coupons.

I am going to experiment this month and see if he sees a difference.  The only issue I think I have is that he, very much like an alcoholic, sneaks in junk either after I go to bed or out of the vending machine at work.

I will keep you all posted.


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