Thursday, August 30, 2012

REMINDER: No Inserts This Weekend


Just a reminder to all of you that this weekend (9/2/12) there will be no inserts in your Sunday papers!
As is typical, holiday weekends are an "Empty Paper" weekend.

What to do instead??

Take time to:

1. Clean out your binder (or other organizing system) of expired coupons.
 2. Check your stockpile for items that you need to start looking for deals on. (Like I am running low on toilet paper, so that's going to be a search for me.)
3. Keep an eye out for expired items lurking in your stockpile.
4. Work on a project that you have been putting off.
5. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WITH YOUR FAMILY!!  This should be your #1 priority, but hey... we gotta stay organized too!!  

Have a Fabulous Holiday Weekend!!
Be Safe While You are Saving!!

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