Friday, June 29, 2012

Creative Bathroom Stockpile Storage

I wanted to take a minute to share how I organize my shampoo, conditioner and bar soap stockpile.

If you are like me, you run out of shampoo while showering, mean to get another bottle before tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and OOOPS!!  Forgot to grab the new bottle!!

Wrap yourself in a towel and run to your stockpile to get another bottle.... Inconvenient!!
Holler at the top of your lungs for someone in the house to bring you another bottle.  Yep, my hubby loves being woke up to me yelling for shampoo. LOL

Here is my solution:

This does 2 things for me...

It clears up some room in the stockpile for other items (body wash, toothpaste, razors, ect.) and it's RIGHT THERE for me to grab another bottle!!

*Please note that if you have a spring loaded tension shower curtain rod, it will NOT withstand the weight.*

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