Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silk Soymilk Deal is On Again! 18 Pack Case only $13.01 / $0.72 Each!

I love this deal!!

Right now on Amazon, you can purchase Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk singles (Pack of 18) for just $13.01 / $0.72 each.  

And Shipping is totally free with Amazon Prime (or with a minimum $25 purchase, and I personally think this is such a great deal on these I would purchase 2 cases anyway.)

These require no refrigeration, so they’re great for lunches or to just keep in the car for that, “Mom!  I’m thirsty!” moment.  Plus, if it ends up spilling on the floor of the car, soymilk doesn’t stink days later like cows milk does.  :-)

I keep these on me for lunch/break at work.  Helps so much to eat on a regular basis!!
And it's soy.... so I don't have to worry about lactose upsetting my stomach!!

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